Free our Neighbors from Immigration Prison!


We’re raising money to help our neighbors get out of the immigration prison right here in Boston!

What’s happening on the border is horrifying—and it’s happening here in Massachusetts too.

Every week ICE arrests and detains our neighbors, many of whom are parents, separating them from their families and children. More than 1,000 people are held each year in South Bay Detention Center—Boston’s immigration prison—which is in the top 20% of immigration prisons in the country.

In our first year,  our community raised over $200,000 to bond out 50 people and help with legal fees for many others. We can—and must—do more.

Average bonds range from $1,500 to $10,000 per person. With your help we can continue to reunite families and return our neighbors to the communities that need and love them.

Not in our city! Not in our state! —we will not allow people to be separated from their families and summarily deported.



About the Boston Immigration Justice Accompaniment Network
(BIJAN / Beyond)

We are a network of faith communities, individuals and other activist groups working to reduce the escalating harm of our immigration system in the current political context.

We are volunteer-powered, and receive professional support from organizations including the Jewish Community Relations Council and Episcopal City Mission, and we work closely with immigrant communities and immigrant-led organizations to support those impacted by our racist immigration system.

We provide accompaniment, which can include support in court or at ICE check-ins, legal referrals, fundraising for bond or legal fees, letters of support from the community, rides for families to visit loved ones in detention, and logistical assistance with paperwork or bond payments. We also help with housing, transportation, and other immediate needs of people released on bond who have no other resources in the community.

As an accompaniment network, we take action only in response to requests from those in need of support, or their representatives (family, attorneys, etc.) We don’t make promises, but we are good at trying very hard. These are our values in this work:

  • We honor people's dignity and choices in a system that denies dignity and choice.

  • We expect messiness, confusion, and discomfort, and we also choose courage and trust.

  • We judge the system, not people.

  • We fight for one another as family, because we are.

If you are seeking support for yourself or a loved one, please email or call (857) 308-2527 (this number is for people who are not detained).

If you would like to join us as a volunteer, please sign up at: